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Personal Branding and Your Website

Today I was reading a post written by Neil Patel and he was talking about the importance of personal branding in your marketing efforts. He explained how according to Google trends, his personal brand (Neil Patel) is actually bigger and has more traction than some of his other very successful brands like Quicksprout and Crazy […]

Responsive Web Design Isn’t Just About Phones

Sometimes I have an opportunity to chat with people about web design. Okay, that’s an understatement. That’s my job so I sorta do it all the time. One perception that I’ve noticed when people talk about “Responsive Web Design” which I will hereafter refer to as RWD, I get the idea that people think that it’s […]

Avoid Skimping on Responsive Design

Responsive design has been a big buzzword and a lot of people are doing it. In 2015, it’s silly not to take responsive design into consideration when planning out your websites and almost all websites designed these days are responsive. The few that aren’t… I’m not exactly sure why they’ve gone that route other than […]

Google Goes All-Out Responsive with its new “Material Design” Theme

At  the I/O 2014 developer conference, Google has introduced a new Android interface (thought it is not limited to Android since it also appears in Chrome) which it is calling “Material Design.” Matias Duarte who is the leader of the design team in Google’s Android design team explained that the idea behind it is that people normally […]

Don’t Panic, It’s Not Too Late to Get Started Creating Great Content

Content marketing (a.k.a. inbound marketing)  has certainly become quite a buzzword for many folks lately. If you’re just getting tuned in now don’t panic, you’re not too late to the party. Some have even said that content marketing is the evolution of SEO and in some respects it is. Content marketing involves taking advantage of […]

Tool Review: Macaw, First Impressions

I know there’s a big debate about whether designers should learn to code or not. Afterall, one may argue how can you design for the web if you don’t understand how it works? The web is based on code and will continue to be so, no matter how many frameworks or abstractions come along to […]

Four Reasons To Avoid Templates

Disclaimer: I don’t hate templates. Sometimes they can be really useful, particularly when your website needs to be up fast. They also can be really gorgeous as in the templates that Squarespace creates for their users. However, I think that templates and themes should not be used for websites. Recently while working on a design […]

Google is Killing SEO… On Purpose

Google wants SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization) to die. That’s right… the company that is the world’s largest search engine wants site optimization for search engines to die. And they are doing everything in their power to make that happen. Quickly. In doing some research about search engine optimization, I came across the following chart […]

What is Responsive Inbound and Why Do You Need It Now?

Responsive inbound is not a technology though there are many aspects of tech that are incorperated into it. Responsive inbound is a strategy that is alligned with shifts in technology and the way people get and consume information. Nothing is Equal When it comes to responsive inbound, the phrase “all things being equal” could not […]

The New Home Page is NOT Responsive…

When I heard that there was a new design for the NYTimes site being released today, I rushed to open it and see what it looked like. But I was disappointed. The new home page of the site is not responsive… at least it doesn’t look responsive as the industry has come to expect. When […]